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Why + How = What

Having vast experience and knowledge in the areas of workforce development and career readiness, I want to share a few industry trends that can help how you approach your employment search a little easier. Today’s employers are looking for and hiring what they consider the ideal candidate. You might say but I am their ideal candidate and I have all the skills, education, and experience stated in the job requirements. So why wasn’t I selected? What do I have to do or say that can get me hired? How can I navigate the daunting task of finding that employer where my awesomeness can add value? Your brand awesomeness which begins with your name, industry experience, credentials, reputation, and your education. Keep in mind, your marketing documents, if written well are designed to get you an interview and is an outline that briefly highlights your awesomeness. Here are a few points to consider and hopefully apply before and during your next interview. Your marketing documents, resume, cover letter, and thank you note, are an extension of your reputation and brand awesomeness.

Employers are looking for three things:

Why - Can do demonstrated in your resume and could lead to a phone or in person interview. Next interview apply the above points towards letting your in person interview leave a lasting, positive, and enthusiastic impression. Be concise and polished with your responses to the questions asked. Remember to include any relatable accomplishments, qualitative or quantitative facts that support your candidacy.

How - Will do the in person interview is where you convey your career success that aligns with their needs and most importantly, your willingness to adapt to their way of doing things. Knowing and believing in the awesomeness of your brand represents confidence which can be evident during the interview. One quick way to accomplish this to be prepared by researching the company and the individuals you will be interviewing with, read the job description and your resume at least once a day; and practice mock interviews with a friend; have insightful questions to ask (not questions that can easily be answered by going to their website).

What - Fit your ability to assimilate and transition into their culture seamlessly. Networking is important and today it is about relationships or who you know that is willing to go the extra mile for you. Get connected using professional sites such as LinkedIn to identify potential employees at companies you would love to work and you can pitch your brand to over coffee. Getting that inside advocate who is willing to walk your resume over to the hiring manager and who is in support of your candidacy. Seal the deal on your interview using these strategies and become the next new hire.

Lastly, hang in there knowing Rome wasn’t built in a day. The incandescent light bulb took many attempts before getting it right. The Wright brothers crashed numerous times before they could fly above the clouds.

Wishing you best of luck in your efforts to return to work.

Arlene Walsh

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