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Who Are you?

As a servant leader, I take pride in offering inspiration, motivation, and igniting action as a direct result of my strong desire to share information, be relatable, operate in an open and transparent manner, and empower life sustaining, hope building, lasting change. I am passion about helping guide and coaching the actions of others by offering trending, revalent, and timely information towards improved self-sufficiency.

Many colleagues on LinkedIn have professional headline that puts them on the clearance racks by using limiting words in this section. While yes it is still an employer’s market and we all like a deal found on the clearance rack, remember who you are. Your brand, experience, education, skills, and expertise should not be reflected by using limiting phrases such as the below:

Old LinkedIn Headline

Actively seeking new employment opportunities

In Transition



Your professional headline is who you are and reflected in a title, branding statement, and conveys what talents and uniqueness you bring or can offer any potential employer. Ask yourself instead of limiting phrases as your professional headline – is there a better way to get noticed. Yes there is! Here are a few phrases to consider used by individuals that are also out of work:

New LinkedIn Headline

Dynamic Healthcare Administrator

Tech Savvy Information Technology Security Professional

Compassionate Patient Focused Certified Nursing Assistant

Retention & Improving Workforce Capital Human Resources Director

Being unemployed and unemployment on a whole takes a toll quickly on one’s sense of self, self-esteem and self-confidence, worth and sense of identity in all areas of life especially in social settings. Keep in mind as the holiday’s fast approaches; a better approach to your job search is to remind people of: Who You Are, What You Have Done, What You Can Do, What You Are Willing to Do, What You Have Accomplished, What Value Added You Bring - Your Awesomeness.

In closing, your awesomeness is your industry brand, recognition, and reputation. Push forward in your efforts to return to work letting your brand go before you while allowing your awesomeness to shine brightly. Know this, I’m cheering for you.


Arlene Walsh

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