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Points of Lights

As we journey through the daunting world of unemployment and feel the ramifications of this albatross weighing us down, did we stop to reflect on the points of light that are cheering us on? Providing resources? Is our biggest advocate? Those have come in and out of our lives? Where are they? Are we still connected? These points of light can be a person, program, counselor, teacher, family member, partner, minister, service provider or a random stranger that provided words of wisdom, information, guidance, or encouragement. Often, being unemployment and navigating this current landscape becomes the main focus insomuch that we overlook the critical points of light all around us. People and program that are willing to pour into us and our success; programs designed specifically for the unemployed; information proven intentional and life changing; committed staff and their willingness to going above and beyond; that shoulder to lean on; or the unconditional support of family - are all points of light. Focusing on these points of light and being grateful for them can be beneficial to shifting perspectives, mindset, and ultimately employment outcomes. A sense of gratitude brings hope which changes outlook and can prompt action. Staying in touch with our points of light reminds us that things will get better; that we have support; that we are not alone; that we have a choice in how we end up; what that process looks like and how long it takes. Our points of light coupled with an attitude of gratitude are critical towards our return to work but most importantly how we can take nothing and make it something again. The nothing is unemployment and the something is returning to work. How will we journey forward - alone or by utilizing our points of light?

Thought to ponder. “It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end.” Ernest Hemingway

Points of light are all around us. Let’s choose to grab hold and live by choice.

Arlene Walsh

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