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The Gift

As the holidays fast approaches, we contemplate what is the perfect gift. While material things are okay, the gift of information is priceless. I hope you will share information about a phenomenal program called Platform to Employment (P2E). As a nationally recognized program, P2E is designed to help the long term unemployed gain invaluable insights, skills and techniques on how to navigate efforts towards returning to work. With over 2000 individuals served, P2E is established as a leader in getting people trained to get back into the workforce. Platform to Employment is an intensive 5 weeks or 20 days job readiness program designed to optimize the ROI of the unemployed or underemployed. This year give the gift that keeps on giving and let us nationally increase our collective return on investment. Your charge is to tell those unemployed to apply at and start the New Year right – employed ready.

I shared this information with you, now tag you are it. Give The Gift!

Wishing you and your Happy Holidays,

Arlene Walsh

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