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As we usher in a new year, let us take a moment to briefly reflect on the adversities, setbacks and the roller coaster of life. For many being unemployed or underemployed has brought its own set of challenges that left scars. Take a minute to say goodbye to 2016 without looking back too long rehashing in the emotions, ruminating on the thoughts and/or criticism received. Champions learn from, adjust accordingly, let go of, and move on quickly from negativity and/or critics. Overcome these advertises by going back to doing what you do best. The things that fuels your passion and allows your creativeness to align with your purpose. The same things you were doing before unemployment and underemployment visited – now much smarter, focused and intentionally driven.

May your 2017 be much brighter where you accomplish the goals established, good healthy continues, and employment opportunities abounds.

Here's to unleashing limitless possibilities in the New Year!


Arlene Walsh

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