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I Am

These two words I Am are the prelude to the action, destiny, purpose and the legacy you choose to leave in the world. Working with various populations directly affected by social determinants, I hear all too often - I don't know who I Am anymore. This statement is a direct result of identity lost which is so heavily tied to our profession. We forget quickly all we have offered and will offer to our respective industries. Our sense of identity is tied up in the job or title we no longer hold. We forget that we already have those abilities within us and is a part of our I Am. Without that title, we are still a competent professional bringing extensive knowledge, skills and attributes far beyond the position once held. Our I Am, it is with us regardless of whether we are working or not working. Our talents and abilities did not disappear because we became unemployed. I Am is our brand, education, reputation, skills, experience and the value added gleaned by an employer. Whatever the title from CEO to Cook own it - especially when transiting back into the workforce. Come on you can do, I Am cheering for you!

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