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Dare to Dream

What have you been dreaming about? What is that reoccurring dream you have been having? Did you know dreams are the mental blueprint of your destiny? Dreams are the goals you have established which are manifested in the realization of your unconscious mind showing you the bigger picture of your success. Society would have you believe that your dreams are unattainable, only a pipe dream of things that will never happen. Many times we take stock in societal views and buy into the limitations placed on us. These naysayers cripple our actions where often we allow these views to engulf us in the form of fear. Have you ever asked yourself, what am I afraid of? Or why do I not believe in the goals clearly outlined in the mental picture of my dreams? Fear is false evidence appearing real and has no place here. It must be erased from your mind if you are to succeed. Daring to dream is the heart and mind believing you can achieve whatever you imagine and the attainment of the set goals. So go forth and take action allowing the universe to align with your dreams. As you fall into a deep slumber tonight, ponder these words by Eleanor Roosevelt, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

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