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Why Older Workers Are A Major Value Added To The Workforce

Age is just a number and wisdom is priceless.

Here we are almost a year later still facing the fact that mature workers are being excluded from the world of work. These individuals are more than qualified to contribute to your continued operating excellence. All they desire is a chance to prove themselves worthy. After all skills, talent, education and expertise are not just skin deep revealing itself by a few wrinkles and gray hairs.

I had the pleasure to work with a 70 year old, a practicing attorney and must say I was blown away by the sharpness of his mind. While many of us would have probably sought legal advice from a younger professional, I am glad I chose him as his wisdom coupled with the attributes mentioned earlier I deemed to be priceless.

As my commitment to bringing awareness through articles like this one and my online presence that older job seekers are being systematically excluded from the workforce, I will continue to advocate and be a champion for them. While yes, a few older job seekers are being hired, this does not equate to the vast majority that are not. Older workers possess unique qualifiers in addition to their experience that makes them strong candidates who in my opinion are very much so teachable.

Around the world other cultures respect, appreciate and glean from the wisdom possessed by elders. It seems almost as if our society is putting workers 45 years of age and older out to pasture. Seeing them as not valuable. I say shame on us for turning our noses up at this wealth of top talent. Diversity and inclusion in my opinion is about all people getting an opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, gifts, and talents. Everyone deserves a chance and older job seekers must be included.

As many employers embark on new budget and growth opportunities, the challenge still remains - can you commit to hiring two employees over the age of 45 before 2018 ends?

Inbox me, I welcome the opportunity to discuss any training needs you might anticipate in hiring older workers. I am committed to assist in making their onboarding seamless.

A Must Read Posted 10/17/17.

While the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in years, workers 45 years old and older are still having a difficult time getting hired.

Many employers are misled by the notion that older workers lack the fortitude to be trained, adapt to changes quickly and be flexible. But it is with great delight that I dispel this kind of thinking.

Older workers are a valuable commodity and possess industry knowledge that is vital to the sustainability of today’s economy. These skilled and versatile trailblazers are competent and committed collaborators who have mastered the art of communicating effectively toward optimizing revenue, results and relationships.

Yes, these qualities can be found in many employees across all age groups. However, when you consider the value-add mature workers have over millennials, for example, there are unwritten levels of excellence brought to the team that are otherwise missed when selecting other categories of employees instead In no way am I comparing older workers to millennials or any other subsector of the labor force. In fact, this article is intentionally bringing attention to the plight of ageism and the disadvantages it has on older workers.

As a nonprofit professional, business owner, mother, wife, mentor, volunteer and mature worker, I know I have the energy — and drive to boot — as many older workers do. These workers possess a wealth of industry knowledge, credentials and recognized expertise to contribute to the operating goals and objectives of any organization.

Older or mature workers know their strengths, address their weaknesses and are not afraid of their own shadow. They are team players, know how to lead, can drive business needs and create sustainable outcomes. Not only should you not be overlooking this, but you should be actively seeking out the breadth of knowledge and expertise an older worker possesses. Older workers are determined, innovative, strategic, loyal, revenue-producing and creative problem-solving professionals focused on the big picture.

When it comes to hiring older workers, to summarize the proverbial "what’s in it for me," the answer is more than you could have imagined or bargained for.

Hire a mature worker today. See past the number, gray hairs or few wrinkles -- to the magnitude of workforce experience brought to your organization. Think carefully about the strengths of the mature workers you interview. Consider changing your point of view when evaluating the candidacy of older workers. Remember these workers know where they are heading, what value they bring to the table, have education and expertise, and are communicators, relationship builders and top producers who are looking to plant roots within your company, well past the age of retirement. Who knows, that might just be what the economy needs more of today.

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